Gasa sa Gugma

Gasa sa Gugma Home for the Dying Destitutes is located at Cabantan Street, Mabolo, Cebu City. It is where the aged, dying and abandoned call “home”. Run and managed by the Missionaries of Charity, Sisters of Mother Teresa, Gugma sa Gasa relies mostly on donations as they are a non-profit organization.

Imagine those old people with weary eyes, tired feet and heavy steps. Imagine how lonely it is to get old, to know that you only have a few years left ahead of you. Then magnify that 10 times. That’s how these poor and abandoned old souls feel. They were once the worker bees, the travellers, the carpenters, the sons and daughters, the sisters and brothers who have endured so much through time.

These people need more attention that any of you. They are alone, desolate and lonely.

Many organizations and groups organize visits and bring with them donations for the Gasa sa Gugma residents. Usually they organize feeding programs. Giving the residents food is very useful but so is donating milk, soap, toothpaste and other daily necessities.

Cebu is not known for having lots of homes for the aging poor so if you want to give back, donating to Gasa sa Gugma would be a good start. Instead of buying a branded bag, why not buy a cheaper bag and donate the rest of it to those who need the money more. It pays to be selfless.

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