Mark Monteros

Mark MonterosMark Monteros belongs to a new breed of daring architects who do not compromise when it comes to creativity. He designs at will and has a very broad and creative mind of a designer. While the senior designers only sign and supervise, he does what like every young artists do – design, design, design.

To him, designing is like music — you need to draw out your creative faculty through inspiration. This earned him the respect of the senior designers including Architect Gallego who made him senior designer and project manager for various high profile projects including the Astoria Bohol at a very young age of 24. He then worked for Ayala as a property manager at only 27. He’s turning 28 next year, as of writing this short info, and he’s now preparing his own architectural firm – Monteros Designs. Currently, he is one of the most trusted designers of Elizabeth Construction

By the way, he passed the architects’ board exam without doing a full review – now, how many people can do that?

Below are some of his works….

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